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Curb flashing is the construction material used to prevent the passage of water around objects. It is one of the most important elements of a durable roof. The ability to resist the weather including rain which can cause ponding water on a flat roof, and snow on roof is very important. Curb flashing minimizes water penetration at crucial points in the roof such as seems, joints, and valleys where runoff is concentrated. The use of curb flashing protects your roof around features such as skylights, chimneys, pipes, and edges from the weather.

Firestone Building Products-LogoMurray Roofing Company Inc. has 43+ years of experience providing curb flashing services on flat roofs. We are the best contractor for flat roofs construction. We specialize in commercial roof repair and industrial roof repair. To get the best roof seal, we use the best building materials on the market. That is why we partner with Firestone Building Products. They are a world-recognized leader for over 100 years! (Image & link)

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